Friday, October 22, 2010

Longest tempo run before the Marathon...

Just 2 weeks and 2 days until the marathon -- and Coach Brian had me doing the longest tempo run of the training program today - 10 miles. Actually, it was supposed to be yesterday but the weather was windy, rainy and haily so I wimped out. Today was still a bit windy, but nothing compared to last night.

I wanted to target 8:20/mile going out and 7:30/mile coming in. It worked out pretty well. Here are my splits:


There was a brisk crosswind for the first 3 'fast' miles and most of the last mile. The second last mile I had that wind at my back.

The muscles were feeling the pressure near the end. My right quads and right hamstring felt it the most. But now that I'm done the run, my legs feel tired but not overly stressed. I'm finding that I'm concerned that I don't push it too hard in these last few weeks -- just barely beating my target paces, even though its possible I could push hard and beat the target by a lot. I think I'll save that part for the actual marathon!

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