Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excellent Tempo Run Again - 8.4 km

Today I did a "typical" Runners Choice tempo run. The Legendary John Ferguson's workout schedule called for 5 to 6 miles of tempo run. For people looking to do a marathon in 3:30, the pace for the first warmup mile should be between 5:18 and 5:37 per kilometre. But I'm thinking of a 3:20 workout pace for training for Boston in the spring, so I wanted to do a bit faster than that. And for the actual tempo pace, he was calling for between 4:32 and 4:44. So I aimed for a 4:28 pace. Here are my splits:

4:50 (600 m.)
4:11 (800 m.)

The total distance was 8.41 kilometres and our total time was 38:10 for an average time (including the warmup mile) of 4:32 per k. I am ecstatic with this time. When I look back on previous "around the block" runs, the closest I ever got to this time was 39:30 (4:42/k). I felt strong the whole way and was able to push the speed up into "speedwork" territory (4:21/k) at the end of the run.

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