Tuesday, April 7, 2015

6 x 1 mile repeats: Very good speed work session 2 days after 38 km long run...

Tonight it was a cool and windy night - about 6 degree C. and winds gusting to over 30 km/h. But it wasn't quite as bad in Gibbons park -- but still breezy enough that it can affect things.

I was originally expecting to do 8 mile repeats -- which is a lot considering I hadn't been to the last two speed work sessions. John suggested a maximum of 6, which I wasn't about to argue with.

My original thought was to go out looking for 7:20 per mile. But I figured I'd step it up a bit to no slower than 7:15 per mile if I was only doing 6 of them. And we'd see how much I could put out there for the last one. Here are my splits:

7:03 (from memory)
7:04 (from memory)

7:04.35 average. I'm pretty happy with that considering I did a 38 kilometre run just two days prior!

So not fantastic, but certainly not bad. The wind was a factor, and it seemed to come at us from both directions. But it was cool enough that overheating certainly wasn't a problem. I felt fairly strong the whole run, but really had nothing left on that last lap.

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