Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Easy" is all relative...

Today's easy run of 10 miles was supposed to be at 8:41/mile pace -- but, as per usual, I shaved a bit off the target, looking for 8:20/mile.

The air was thick when I started and you could see the fog off in the distance. The temperature started at around 13 C. (58 degrees F.) but warmed up quickly to 18 C. (65 F.), and because it was so humid, it seemed much warmer.

Despite the uncomfortable weather, I was able to knock off sub-8:20 miles -- ranging from 8:02 to 8:20 -- and my last mile was at marathon pace (7:57), even though that wasn't my intent. I just wanted it to be done! My average over the 10 miles was 8:11/mile (5:07/k).

One thing I noticed was that I was feeling the effects of yesterday's tempo run. My muscles were definitely sore. So after this run, I did the ice-bath thing. My hope is that I'll have the full attention of my muscles for my scheduled 16 mile run two days from now!

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