Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A long 8 days...

I looked back at my mileage chart and over the last 8 days, I ran over 71 miles on 7 of those days. That's a lot for me -- and for most people, I suppose. Anyhow, I get 3 days rest before doing 26 miles from London to Port Stanley.

Today's run was 9.5 miles. Brian and Jody met me at the end of my driveway and we did a circuit that allowed Jody to get a 10k run in, and Brian to get his 12 miler. He had run to our starting point from his house (2.5 miles), so he already had the difference made up.

Jody has been steadily improving his speed. He was able to carry on a conversation for the first half of the run, but was clearly feeling the stress for the second half -- until the last kilometre when he poured on the effort and finished with a pace that I wasn't going to even attempt! Anyhow, his 10k run was done in under 1 hour -- about 58 minutes, I believe -- so that was an excellent pace for him.

Brian and I continued on to the corner of Neil Road and McGillivray where he took off towards his home and then I doubled back to our place. We did my marathon pace up until he took off, and I did a just a tiny bit slower than that on the way home. Overall a good run.

I'd purchased a New Balance running hat at Runners Choice in London yesterday. Normally, I wouldn't have thought much about it -- but as I was heading home during today's run, I noticed that the sweat was actually dripping off the bill of the hat. So, in addition to pulling the sweat away from my forehead, it was actually getting rid of it totally from my head. I'd never seen that before, but I was very impressed with the design. The hat wasn't cheap -- $25 -- but it certainly does the trick!

I had an ice bath after this run, even though it was on the short end of what I've done previously. Now I get to rest. I want my muscles to be rejuvenated to the greatest extent possible by Sunday!

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