Monday, August 20, 2007

Easy run and sleep...

I did an easy run yesterday afternoon of 9.3 miles or thereabouts. My GPS died 1 mile from the end so my distance is probably accurate within 1/10th of a mile.

I started off trying to keep within an 8:20/mile pace but kept knocking off 8:01s -- three in a row for the first three miles. I couldn't have been that accurate if I tried, so I decided that maybe this was a run for me to try to keep to marathon pace. From there, my times reduced gradually to 7:51s and still I felt strong. Overall, I did the run in 7:56 according to the 8.45 miles on my GPS, and an even 8:00/mile according to my spreadsheet if I did, in fact, run 9.2 miles.

That gave me a total of just under 45 miles for the week which I believe is the most I've ever done in my life! Still, it wasn't too onerous, so I'm quite sure I can do more.

On that note, though, my legs were still a bit tight from the run on Saturday, so I could feel charlie-horses coming on in both upper thighs. Again, I worked on running loosely and that seemed to have the desired effect.

One other side effect of all this running is that I'm sleeping a lot more. I was asleep before 10 pm last night and I didn't get up this morning until 7:30 -- 9.5 hours sleep! But, if I want to be able to function during the day and get my runs in, I'm going to need the zzzz's!

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