Monday, August 20, 2007

May the wind be at our back...

...when we race in Corning.

I did another easy run today -- this time, a 9.5 miler, targeting 8:30/mile. But this time, I really, really tried to keep it slow. I guess that is the good news -- that I have to try to keep it slow.

I forced myself to stay on track, consciously slowing down if I was seeing a pace faster than 8:20. It seemed to work. My miles tracked between 8:17 (the first one) and 8:27 (mile #8 -- against the wind). The last 1.5 miles, I just ran easy and did it in 8:13. So my average was 8:21 for the entire run.

My legs were still tired from the previous couple of runs. So I could feel that it was time to be serious about taking it easy. I used the run to try to loosen up my stride and concentrate on form.

So, another successful run. I have two more similar ones tomorrow and the next day before I'm going to give myself a three day break leading up to a 26 miler (again) from London to Port Stanley.

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