Sunday, August 12, 2007

Easy Run or 8K Race? Hmmmmm...

Guess which one I did! There was never any doubt, actually. Despite the 20-miler yesterday, I was pretty sure I'd be recovered by today (thanks to the ice bath and beer), so Jenny, Karen, Tori and I all took part in the South Huron Trail Run -- an 8K race in Exeter Ontario. A bunch of other Shamrock Running Club runners were there as well.

The run went very well. I hit my secondary target of 36:00 bang on -- 4:30/k (7:12/mile) -- so I was pretty happy. The other Shamrocks did very well too, including: Coach Brian Watson (32:32), Jed De Jong (37:30), Jenny (43:51), Brad Cannom (47:31), Tori (51:01) and Karen (57:07). A bunch of personal bests, I'm sure. In fact, its possible that everyone's run was a personal best! My run last year was at 38:30, so I shaved about 19 seconds/k off that time.

Paula Muxlow and Emma (one of her running-buddy Border Collies) came to watch, as did Bonnie Martin with her son and daughter. Bonnie was our videographer. (Thanks, Bonnie!)

You can see a video of the race start and various finishes here.

While I felt like I was going to puke right afterwards (the sign of an excellent run), I recovered fairly quickly and now, 4 hours after the run, feel pretty close to 100%.

A very good day for all involved!

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