Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 13 - Speed work 600m + 400m x 5 (6 miles total)

So I need to start by saying that I played hockey last night and tweaked my hamstring. Not a rupture like I did in November, but just a bit of a reminder that I'm not totally healed yet. So I was cognizant of this issue as I contemplated the speed work for tonight.

Tonight John Ferguson, the Legend, had us doing a 600m. speed run followed by a 100 m. jog and then a 400 m. speed run, followed by a 400 m. jog. Repeat 3, 4 or 5 times (Jenny and I did 5). Because of my hamstring issue, I figured I should take it easy -- at least at the start -- so I chose 55 second laps of the 200 m. track as my target pace. It worked out okay. Here are my splits:

2:41 (54 second laps)
1:48 (54)
2:41 (54)
1:47 (54)
2:42 (54)
1:45 (53)
2:40 (53)
1:45 (53)
2:50 (57)
1:43 (52)

I took it easy on the last 600 m. speed run, but pushed it on the last 400 m. speed run. Overall, I was pretty happy with how it all worked out. The hamstring was tight the whole time, and I could definitely feel that my right leg is weaker than my left -- but each week it feels just a bit stronger.

Total run tonight including warm up and cool down was 6 miles.

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