Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 14 - 12 mile tempo run...

It was 6 degrees C. today, so if there was a way I could run outside, I was going to do it. Today, the plan was for a 12 mile "Tempo" run (i.e. running at faster than marathon pace for the second half of the run), but since I have no clue what my marathon pace will be, I just did what I could on the second half of the run.

To change the scenery a bit, I ran into Tim Hortons in Lucan with a bit of a detour once I got into town to extend it out to an even 5 mile run there. I'd run back making it 10 miles total, and then if I still had daylight, I'd extend it out another 2 miles. Otherwise, I'd hit the treadmill for the last 2 miles (which is what happened). Here are my splits:


for a total to Tim Hortons of 44:21. The wind was behind me for most of the run, but it was generally uphill, so I was happy with that "easy" pace. For the 5 miles back, here are the splits:


for a total back home of 42:13. Again, this time it was generally downhill, but there was a half decent wind in my face the whole way, so it was no cake walk.

I did 19 minutes on the treadmill and was drenched in sweat after that little bit, so I worked hard. But the net result is that I got in my longest tempo run yet, and I'm still walking!

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