Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 15 - Speed Work at Harris Park (5 loops) - 8.5 miles total

Tonight, Johnny had us doing roughly 1.5 mile loops beside the Thames River between the Queens Street bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. The first 'speed' section was roughly 750 m. (0.46 of a mile according to the GPS) and was relatively flat, although slightly uphill as we were going up the river. The next speed section was at the south end of Harris Park and took us up a relatively steep road to Ridout Street. We did easy jogs between speed segments.

I really didn't have any particular speed in mind when I started, but I settled on doing roughly 7 minute miles for the first speed segment, and then just as fast as I could go without stopping for the hill climb.

I screwed up the time on the first hill climb, but here are the rest of the splits:

750 m.: 3:14 (7.04 pace)
Hill Climb: (Screwed it up)
750 m.: 3:15 (7.00 pace)
Hill Climb: 1:35 (7:55 pace)
750 m.: 3:14 (6.59 pace)
Hill Climb: 1:35 (7:57 pace)
750 m.: 3:15 (6.57 pace)
Hill Climb: 1:36 (8:03 pace)
750 m.: 3:15 (7.03 pace)
Hill Climb: 1:37 (8:03 pace)

Scary, really, how consistent my times were. And I was definitely working hard, because it felt like my lungs were going to explode at each of the speed segments!

My hamstring in my right leg is still not where the left leg is -- but it didn't explode on me during the hill climbs, and it felt stronger at the end of the run than it did at the beginning. And overall, for me to be doing 7 minute miles for any distance is far better than I was able to do even just a month ago. So, again, progress!

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