Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 14 - 5 Mile Easy Run...

Brian and I went out from his house for a 5 mile "easy" run. And while I wouldn't say that I pushed it to an 8K race pace, I was definitely able to push it harder than I've run since the injury and was still able to keep up a short-sentence conversation with him. I screwed up the first half mile of pace, but it would have been around 8:15/mile, I'm guessing. Here are the rest of our splits:

8:13 (into the wind)
8:01 (into the wind)
7:51 (wind at our back)
7:44 (wind at our back)
9:13 (0.58 of a mile, cool-down pace)

The wind wasn't gale-force or anything, but it was definitely noticeable. For the 4 miles where I was actually running fast, our average pace was 7:58 on average.

More progress!

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