Friday, October 12, 2007

Easy 5 miler...

My daughter, Karen, and I went out for an 8k run tonight. It worked out well since my easy pace would be her tough pace. While she is not interested in speed, she's training for the half marathon at Disney World in January, so she knows she has to work on endurance. Speed is just one of those things that comes along with the endurance training.

We're not quite sure, but we think that the pace could be a personal best for her for an 8k run. We were able to converse easily throughout the whole run, and I 'encouraged' her as the pace started to wane. But when we got to the last kilometre, she still had tons of energy in reserve and ended up doing a sprint at the end -- certainly at a pace that was faster than I was interested in doing.

Her pace for the 8.0 kilometres was 6:11/k or 9:57 per mile. But the fact that she has so much energy left at the end leads us to believe she could easily step it up to 6 minute ks for 8 to 10 k. At least I believe she could do it.

So, it worked out well, at least from my perspective. I kept to an easy pace, and Karen stepped it up to a pace faster than she would have otherwise attempted. Another very good run!

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