Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Easy Run...

There was a bunch of runners out for the Shamrock Running Club's weekend run. I think everyone wanted to chat face-to-face with how each of us did in our respective marathons, and since everyone was taking it easy there were lots who could keep the pace of the majority of runners.

Last weekend Rita Lewis qualified for Boston at the Toronto Waterfront marathon, and Heather Marr ran it in 3:52 -- not quite BQ time for her, but definitely a very good time. Gwyn Hayman and Paula Muxlow ran the half marathon in Toronto and both had very respectible times. So it was good to get together and share war stories, as it were.

Terry Sullivan who ran with us in the Shore to Shore running relay race came out as well -- a bit of a trek from his home in Orangeville! Heather Martin, the daughter of close friends of ours who were visiting for the weekend, joined us and had no trouble matching (or exceeding!) our pace. Add Ian Trotter, Jed De Jong, Jody Durand, Brian Watson, Jenny, Karen, Tori and me to this list and we had a total of 13 runners for our little 8.3k run.

Paula showed up in her truck after we had finished and were in our chat mode -- and she had just twisted her ankle on a crabapple, of all things, this morning. Thus explaining why she wasn't able to join us for the run -- and also putting her BQ marathon (Niagara) in jeopardy at the end of October.

As far as the run itself was concerned, it was at an easy pace, but it was very warm and muggy out. Jed had already done 20+ kilometers by the time he met up with us and so he got a very long run in. While the heat was weighing heavily on everyone, Jed was keeping up his pace at between 8:30 and 9:00/mile, which was exactly where he needed to be. I paced with him for the last kilometre and then paced with Heather Martin for the last few hundred metres as we did a fast run to the finish.

All-in-all, it was a good run. I felt excellent -- no stiffness anywhere. Brian and I chatted and Niagara is looking more-and-more like the one. We'll make a final decision at the end of this week.

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