Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last tempo run before Niagara...

Brian met my at our house at 9:00 to go out for the last tempo run before the Niagara Marathon this weekend. Our goal was somewhere around 7:40/mile. The winds were strong -- generally coming from the west, which made the route actually fairly consistent, since there is about a 50 foot elevation drop at the west end of our route as compared to the east end. Still, battling the winds certainly made your muscles work -- somewhat akin to pushing a car when the winds were coming right at you.

Nonetheless, we were able to bang out very consistent times of between 7:35 and 7:38 per mile, which was great.

I felt strong, despite some pain in my lower right leg at the start -- but which seemed to go away after a mile or so of running.

Brian suggested either a 3 mile run later in the week or perhaps a 6 mile, just to get the jitters out of my system more than anything else.

4 more sleeps until Niagara! (Starting to get excited, again!)

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