Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Post-Corning Tempo Run...

Brian and I went out for a tempo run today. We just wanted to do something short 4 miles or so, plus one or two on either end for warmup and cool-down.

It was, well, a crappy day by most peoples' standards. Very cool with a slight drizzle at times, and a bit of a wind as well. But for me, it was almost ideal running weather as there was no way I was going to overheat.

We went out and at the 1.5 mile mark, we ramped it up, aiming for 7:40/mile. In fact, we did it in 7:43 so we were well within range. From there, we ramped up further to 7:31 -- then 7:33 and finished strongly (and into the wind) in 7:27. On our way back for the cool-down, we had to rein ourselves in for the pace as we kept ramping it up to close to marathon pace!

My right calf muscle was hurting a tiny bit during the first mile, but it worked its way out. Other than that, no issues from a health perspective.

I remembered to drink a good-sized gulp of e-load after every mile, despite the fact that I wasn't hot or thirsty. This is now part of my training -- training myself to hydrate!

In summary, it was very good to feel strong just 10 days after crashing in the marathon!

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