Sunday, October 14, 2007

Half Marathon Distance at an Easy Pace...

A bunch of us did a run out to Granton and back from Lucan. It worked out to about six miles out and six miles back, but there were some extra distances that we put in to build things up for what must have ended up being about 13 miles total.

Tori and Jenny joined us for the first couple of miles and then headed back to Lucan.

Jed was there -- doing part of his 20 miler with us. Paula had recovered from her ankle pull the week before and was doing the run at a steady pace. Gwyn was working at keeping her target marathon pace of 9:09 per mile, and Kelly Vivian was just out for a run because it was a nice day! Kelly had no particular pace in mind, but could basically do any pace we through at her, within reason.

It was a good running day. The wind was at our backs on the way out to Granton, and it was in our face on the way back, making most of the last half of the run seem like it was uphill. In fact, the GPS elevation indicates that it was pretty flat (net) overall -- some ups, some downs.

Jed looked healthy, and had no problem keeping to the 9:09 pace, which is great. We're starting to think he may be ready in time for Niagara, but he's not committing yet.

Gwyn had a great run, turning it up a notch for her last mile to, I'm guessing, about an 8:15 pace. I say 'I'm guessing' because Kelly and I really had no desire to try to keep up!

The cool weather certainly allowed me to run easily without finishing overheated whatsoever. I made sure I hydrated regularly. I certainly felt strong at the end of the run as Kelly and I turned it up a notch to approaching marathon pace.

Another good run -- and it was a pleasure, as always, have other running nuts to share it!

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