Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Speed Work - 7 miles at 7:30 target...

I was scheduled to do 7 miles of tempo runs at a 7:30-ish pace, and Jed was to do 7 1-mile repeats, so we decided to run together.

The wind was fairly strong out of the east, making the run from the west part of the speed-work area to the east particularly difficult. On the other hand, the run from east to west was litterally a breeze!

Our warm-up mile was done in 8:51 -- quite respectable for an easy warm-up.

We then knocked off the 1-mile repeats in: 7:28, 7:35, 7:23, 7:43, 7:17, 7:37 and 7:24. Notice how the 2nd, 4th and 6th repeats were considerably slower than the others. That was due to the wind in our face as wel as the fact that the route is clearly uphill from west to east.

I felt strong the entire evening -- even when running into the wind. Jed found the wind a bit more difficult to deal with, but still pushed to complete the repeats in the times above. Best of all, though, was that his hamstring in his right leg was no problem whatsoever!

In summary, I felt strong. The cool weather continues to help, as I didn't feel overheated in any way, although I certainly put on a sweat. And Jed certainly ran well, so there may be hope that he'll join us in Niagara!

Just 12 more sleeps until the Niagara marathon!

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