Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 17 - 10 Mile Tempo Run

17 weeks since the hamstring rupture -- almost 1/3 of a year. I'm getting stronger -- but still have a ways to go. Today the goal was another 10 mile tempo run, but this time with an 8:31 pace out, and a 7:31 pace back. But there was a stiff wind from the northwest, so I knew the run back would be challenging (and I was right). Here are my splits:

7:46 (pace 1/2 mile)
9:11 (pace 1/2 mile)

There was no way I could keep the fast pace into the wind for that last mile and a half. My right hamstring was feeling the pressure just after the 2nd mile.

Overall, my pace was 8:20 per mile. My 'tempo' pace was 7:40/mile (assuming that last half mile was a full mile) -- so a bit better than 6 miles x 7:44 on March 1. And if the wind hadn't been such a factor, I'm sure I could have done even better than that -- and for the full 5 miles.

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