Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 20 - Tempo Run - 9 Miles

The Legendary John Ferguson's training plan called for a 9 mile tempo run tonight for the group training for Traverse City at the end of May. But my target marathon is Boston 6 weeks prior. And 3 weeks out from Traverse City, the group is scheduled to run 7 miles. So what should I run today? Well, not knowing any better, I chose the 9 mile run. Johnny's chart called for the tempo run "out" pace to be between 8:31 and 9:01, and the tempo run "back" pace to be 7:17 to 7:36 if you are targeting a 3:30 marathon. Here are my splits:

8:24 (1/2 mile)
Break - had a half a 12 oz. Coke
7:23 (long downhill)
7:23 (included valley on William St.)
7:28 (1/2 mile into the wind)

Looking back, this the best tempo run I've had since October 25, 2011 when I pulled of "tempo pace" of 4:31. Tonight was 4:36, and its possible I could have stepped it up earlier. That's 98% of October 25 2011 pace -- so I'm definitely encouraged! And if I were to keep it up for 6 miles instead of 4.5K, that would be a 46 minute 10k.

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