Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 19 - Easy Run (4 miles)

Brian and I went out for an easy run today. No particular pace, and with the idea that we could carry on a conversation while we ran. Here are our splits:

8:37/mile pace (1 km)
8:25/mile pace (1 km)
8:21/mile pace (1 km)
8:34/mile pace (1 km)
9:06/mile pace (1 km)
8:27/mile pace (1 km)
8:00/mile pace (0.44 km)

So, 6.44 km = 4 miles -- total time, 34:16 (8:33/mile pace).

It wasn't a particularly pleasant day -- a brisk wind from the north -- so we rewarded our heartiness with a couple of fine beers from Brian's fridge!

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