Friday, March 9, 2012

Hamstring Treatment - Week 17 - 6 Mile Pace Run into Lucan

Today, the wind was howling from the west at roughly 35 km/h. So an out-and-back "pace" run (at marathon pace) wasn't going to work. Plus it was really cold -- -1 degrees C., but it felt much colder if you were getting any part of the wind in your face.

The chart said to do an 8 mile pace run with a mile of warmup and cooldown included -- so 6 miles at pace. I decided, because of the less-than-hospitible weather, to just do the 6 pace miles. And I'd leave from home and go East with the wind at my back. Here are my splits (targeting 8 min/mile, but with the wind at my back for the first 3.5 miles:


The average pace was 7:54 and the total time was 47:27.

So I was reasonably pleased with these times. A couple of the first miles were generally uphill (a 200 ft. overall increase in elevation) so despite having the wind behind me, it was no cakewalk.

But because I didn't do a long run (hockey tournament), I just had 26 miles in the books for this week.

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