Thursday, June 20, 2013

8 mile Tempo Run - 3.5 miles at pace...

Jenny and I joined the Runners Choice Marathon Training Group at Gibbons Park for a run down to the former Guy Lombardo Museum (now a library or community centre or something). Anyhow, it was 4 miles there and 4 miles back. I ran with John DePutter and Jenn Vording for a good chunk of the way, although they left me in the dust for the last mile. My goal was 8:30's out and 7:30's back. And eventually I'd like to get to 8:20s out and 7:20s back. Here are my split paces:

7:50 (1/2 mile)
8:22 (1/2 mile)

7:53 average pace. So the good news is that I couldn't go slow enough to do 8:30s -- and on the way out, I was actually closer to 8:15s. The bad news is that the run back was mostly upstream. I had to take a break at the forks of the Thames (about 2.7 miles back). And then after I did the hill at the north end of Harris Park, I had nothing left to get my pace back down to the 7:30 range. I took a walk break and then jogged back at 8:22 pace.

It took me a while to get used to my Garmin Forerunner 210. Every time it flipped over to a new lap, it was like it was starting the calculation all over again. It would take me until I was halfway through the lap before I could trust my lap pace.

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