Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tempo Run: 6.5 miles...

Today my goal was to do my first "tempo" run of the session. The idea was 3.5 miles "out" at a slower than race pace, and then 3.5 miles "back" at a faster-than-race pace. I didn't quite make the "back" part of it. I was looking for 8:20 out and 7:30 back. Here are my splits:

8:10 (pace - 1/2 mile)
(I walked the last 1/2 mile).

My average was 7:51 per mile for 6.5 miles. But I was falling apart at the end. It didn't help that there was a strong wind from the north that was going to make that last 1/2 mile hellish. But I had nothing left.

So, not the greatest way to start the tempo runs of this training session!

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