Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long run - 18 kilometres in Ottawa

My sister, Donna, and I were in Ottawa for a visitation for my Uncle Bernie Pelletier this weekend. We stayed at her daughter Brittany's place, who lives with her boyfriend (fiancée?) Dave. The visitation was at the west end of the city -- actually, pretty close by one of our client's houses, home inspector Ron Bouwmeester.

I went out for a run that took me past the Prime Minister Stephen Harper's home at 22 Sussex Drive, and Governor General David Johnston's place and up to Parliament Hill. It was a very pleasant run.

I wasn't pushing the pace at all and certainly could have done more. In total, I did 18.2 kilometres at an average pace of about 5:35 per kilometre (11.3 miles at 9 minutes per mile). While it wasn't boiling hot, it wasn't cool either. So I was drenched with sweat by the end of it all.

Not a tough run, but certainly long enough.

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