Thursday, January 8, 2015

54 Minute Temp Run on the Treadmill...

We were supposed to do a 7 mile tempo run today. A bit slower going out, a bit faster coming back. Based on the fact that most of my tempo runs average to roughly 8 minutes per mile, I figured if I did a 56 minute run, that would work fine. Running at an even pace would mean 28 minutes "out" and 28 minutes "back". SO instead I ran 29 minutes "out" (roughly 5.5 on the treadmill speed selector) and then put it to 6.5 on the way back. As it turned out, though, I was considerably faster on the way "back" and was through the run in about 54 minutes. I believe the total distance was around 5.14 "miles" on the treadmill (which we know is not accurate).

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