Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Speed work on the treadmill... 7 x 600 m. with 2 minute break...

Tonight we were scheduled to do speed work at Thompson arena, but I had a hockey game that conflicted with the time, so I did my speed work on the treadmill in the morning instead. John wanted us to do 600 m. repeats at the track, so instead I did 2:40 fast with a 2:00 break and repeat. Because the treadmill took some time to ramp up the speed, it actually worked out to an extra 20 seconds of getting up to speed, so it totalled 5:00 per repeat-break-rampup.

I set the speed to "7" for the speed sessions, but put it up to "7.5" for the last one. I was working hard for the speed sessions, which is what matters most.

I did 7 of these repeats, plus 8 minutes of easy warm-up before and 4 minutes of cool-down after.

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